The way things are set up right now does not work. I've been stressed and anxious and it's taken a toll on my health. I had to go to the hospital and take days off work. I've been thinking a lot about the changes I have to make, and here are a few.
  1. Sleep less
    I think I'm the only twenty-something I know who gets more than 8 hours of sleep every night. It's actually made me feel way more fatigued. I never actually feel rested.
  2. Remove unnecessarily alarms
    I have to start relying on one alarm again. It worked in college and it should work again. I'm never well-rested because I keep waking up during non-REM. I'm considering trying those sleep apps, too.
  3. Eat more
    This is a no-brainer. I just moved to my own place and have not been eating well – partly because I haven't got the time, but mostly because I can't cook. I found a new deli I can grab breakfast in. Hopefully they're open at 7am. The dollar pizza place is also good for after work.
  4. Eat less meat
    I've got to eat less red meat, at the very least. Eat more tuna or salmon. I'll just have to get crispy chicken burgers whenever I'm at a fast food joint.
  5. Spend less
    Buy instant coffee packs and take them to work. • Take less ubers • Pay for friends' dinners less frequently • Buy less shoes and clothes • trash the newly-acquired mentality about spending money on one big thing per pay period. Where tf did you even get that? It was all downhill after I spent $250 on Drake.
  6. Stop touching your savings account
    I've gotten a lot better about this. Maybe because I started putting less and less in each time I get paid and leaving more out on my checking account. I want to reach a "constant" amount; one that does not change even when I make multiple withdrawals per month.
  7. Get to work a bit earlier
    Even though it's shitty that I even have to do that in the first place, I think it'll help a bit. This will go hand-in-hand with sleeping less. I'll just have to get up at 6 and make sure I leave by 7.
  8. Leave work at work
    I have to stop giving my personal number to patients' parents. I also should consider deleting the Outlook app from my phone, or turning off push notifications and only check it periodically. I have to remember that half the things that have to get done are not in my control, and that I shouldn't beat myself up over those things. The best I can do is to do my job and hope that everyone else does the same. A lot of is is also just timing and luck. I have to aim to please less.
  9. Find a new place for September onwards
    I have to make sure it is significantly closer to my job. My commute has to be cut down by at least half an hour each way.
  10. Stop lurking certain people's socials
    It's not good for my head. It's never a good idea.
  11. Stop saying yes to editorial assignments
    As much as I love these assignments, I barely ever actually have the time for them. I end up pushing them back and handing things in late, or handing them in on time but producing mediocre work. I'm hoping to be able to get to write a lot again in the future; but for now, it isn't what pays the bills.
  12. Stop going to shows alone
    It's never as fun as I think it'll be when I'm alone. I've come to realize that going to shows, like a lot of things for me, is a social event. I don't enjoy them as much when I'm alone. I've done it so many times to know that it isn't bad, but it's not necessarily great either.
  13. Stay as self-aware as you are right now
    Don't doubt your intuition.
  14. Start to make a real budget list
    Follow aforementioned budget list. It'll help with not touching your savings account.
  15. Drink more alcohol
    Build your tolerance and try to work your way up to better types of beer
  16. Respond to texts better
    You seriously suck at texting. You either respond right away or don't respond for four days. It's never a good thing to hit people up only when you need them, either. Do better.