We're naming the conference rooms at my office after great environmentalists (I work at an energy policy consulting firm). Our top five are below, but I'm so open to input. Extra points for female and international nominees.
  1. John Muir
    I imagine this is our large board room.
  2. Rachel Carson
  3. Theo Colborn
    I've never heard of Theo, before today, but love that she's a female that made a huge contribution to the field.
  4. Aldo Leopoldo
  5. David Brower
  6. Right now we're going for DEAD CONTRIBUTORS (these folks weren't great thinkers, they saved a lot of acres with their work). But...do we include the living? Terry Tempest Williams, Wendell Berry? The philosophers? Thoreau?
  7. Possibly I'm just nerding out on this to avoid thinking (ahem) about other things going on in my life (see two lists ago). But right now my work is one of the bright points in my life, so why not?