Inspired by @ListPrompts So many goodies!
  1. A Little Life
    Top of my list. I just read it last week, so that might be why but DAMN that book will haunt me forever. My BFF recommended-she literally ignored her groom on her honeymoon to finish it in three days. If that's not a good recommendation, then I just don't know. Amazing story. Beautiful language. Makes you think about parenthood, ambition, love, Friendship.
  2. A Fine Balance
  3. The Great Gatsby
    For me, one of the greatest comic novels of all time. Maybe it was my mindset when I was reading it the last time I did, but that book is a sarcastic, biting masterpiece.
  4. All the Light We Cannot See
    This book. This might be my favorite book of all time. Just beautiful.
  5. What Alice Forgot
    Not high culture but so darn funny and great! I put it down and immediately read everything by Liane Moriarty available. It's nice to take a brain break but feel far from slumming it at the same time.
  6. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    Moved to SF at 24. Enough said. This book got in my head.
  7. The Year of Magical Thinking
    Who doesn't love Joan Didion?
  8. Anything and everything by Ann Patchett
  9. Eventide
  10. I could go on...and on and on. Reading is my greatest pleasure beyond relationships and napping. And Brie. I'll make a more comprehensive list soon.