"Stop the wedding!" the romantic hero cries as he bursts through the church. The two kiss, and we forget all about the sad-sack who just got left at the altar.
  1. You've Got Mail
    Greg Kinnear plays the adorable literary douchebag whose only role in the movie is just being less charming than Tom Hanks.
  2. What If
    I really thought @zoe 's boyfriend was going to be a huge asshole. But then we meet him, and he's totally hot and really sweet and can take falling out the window like a champ. He's just a guy who loves his girlfriend and suffers from the normal challenges of a long distance relationship. Sure he's no DanRad, but who is?
  3. The Wedding Planner
    This pretty blonde girl has to endure every woman's nightmare: your fiancé dumping you for your wedding planner.
  4. The Notebook
    "Oh my god but Ryan Gosling wrote her all of those letters!" Sure. And it was pretty romantic. But James Marsden is sweet and handsome and her parents approve of him, which, as I get older, I'm starting to realize is more important than I thought.
  5. Romeo + Juliet
    Did you see Paul Rudd in that astronaut costume? He is Clueless-era adorable. Claire Danes should have married him and saved herself all of the dying.
  6. Made Of Honor
    Patrick Dempsey is the classic idiot who only wants something when he can't have it. Girl should've gone with the handsome, rich, romantic, sweet Scottish guy who is basically the human embodiment of the word "strapping."
  7. Before Sunset
    I get that this is true love and amazing chemistry and all of that, but I can't help but feel bad for Ethan Hawke's wife (and the mother of his child) back in America who he dumps after spending 48 hours with a hot French girl.
  8. Sleepless in Seattle
    Poor Walter. Classic handsome romcom pre-fiancé with something "missing from their relationship."
  9. 13 Going on 30
    Re-watching this movie, I really felt bad for the pretty weather reporter who loses Mark Ruffalo, a man who loved her enough to propose, to an overgrown pre-teen.