At The Artistic Home in Chicago
  1. It was a post-apocalyptic, Waterworld-themed Macbeth
  2. All of the torches were fluorescent jars of green water
  3. They paid each other with water bottles
  4. Malcolm spent most of the second act in a Speedo.
  5. Malcolm had Ryan Gosling abs
  6. The fight between Macbeth and Macduff was fought with a chain! Like they were just rough street badasses
  7. The witches were frog creatures wearing cameo hoods
  8. As he died, Macbeth fell into a pool of water and turned it red.
  9. The murderers attempted to assassinate Fleance with waterguns
  10. The ghost of Banquo was soaking wet, and one of the witches was sitting on his shoulders spitting up water on his head
  11. All of this is 100% real.