In an Icharan moment of hubris, I decided graduating college necessitated an equally big milestone for my hair. So, some bleach and purple shampoo later, here I am - a Jewish girl seeing if I can hack it among the golden-haired goyim
  1. It takes time and money than you think
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    After my first appointment, my hair was lighter, but the ends were streaky with some untouched brunette. Plus it had already taken on a brassy, yellow look that made my skin look even worse than usual. Another 3 hours in a salon and another round of bleach gave me the lighter, even color I wanted.
  2. Shampoo from my old life is trying to betray me
    The old Dove bottles in my shower are now the Theon Greyjoys of the hair care world. Now I have to use viscous, purple shampoo that promises to Banish Brassiness!
  3. Conditioner is my new best friend
    Bleaching dries out your hair. A lot. I've been loading on the conditioner and actually leaving it in for the recommended amount of time whole praying to the gods old and new that my hair won't snap apart come the first light breeze. Argon oil is a staple, too.
  4. My friends don't recognize me
    It took four rounds of texting for a friend to find me string on a blanket on the main green. I've gotten used to the scan over and double take. Of course the exception to this point is the handful of guy friends who didn't notice anything different at all.
  5. People stare longer
    Men and women. I'm noticing longer glances, usually lingering, half-accusatory and half-interested.
  6. I can wear darker lipstick. And now I sort of need to.
    I've already used my deep plum lipstick more in the past few days than I have in the past month.
  7. Different colors look good/horrible on me
    Good thing my closet is mostly black.