It's called The Grange, and it's kickatarting (that's a verb, right?) now at
  1. Life is distracting, and hard, and busy, and stressful. Two weeks away in the Michigan woods by a lake, at least to me, seems like writer Prozac.
  2. Writing is lonely. It's a job that requires you to be in your head for long periods of time, making up imaginary worlds and people. Having a community around you WHILE you retreat into yourself is comforting in a fundamental way.
  3. Women are still underrepresented in literature
    Check out any Best Books Ever Written list and do some counting. Pull out any college syllabus. When I was younger, I used to write stories with male protagonists because I thought it was more "serious." Because those were my examples. Women shouldn't be relegated to "chick lit".
  4. Women face hurdles to get their voice heard in the first place
    There's a reason authors use gender neutral initials on their book covers, especially if it's a science fiction book - people have deeply engrained pre-convinced opinions of a woman's name as the author. Read the Jezebel story about a girl who submitted her manuscript under the name "George" instead of her own.
  5. People need mentors, and peers, with shares experience.
    Established writers have gone through the hurdles that young writers are facing. Mentorship is an important tool.
  6. I posted this on reddit, and someone said I had an "air of feminazi"
    Which coincidentally is the name of my new perfume
  7. This isn't a "sexism because I hate men" thing
    It's for women because, right now, women need a community to come together in an environment completely free from judgment and share advice, stories, and quiet time to write some kick ass projects.
  8. Amazing women have already agreed to help, and I'm so genuinely humbled by the response so far.
  9. If you have any more questions at all, please email me at or check out
  10. UPDATE: fixed the link!