1. Tons of really cool indie coffee shops where everyone who works there has awesome tattoos and looks great in hats
  2. This place called Louie's that you go to at 5am after staying up all night
  3. You can find a Brown student to take you to the GCB which is rad
  4. Narragansett beer
  5. Adorable love-seats at Cable Car Cinema
  6. Brunch places you don't need a reservation for
  7. Laugh at how ugly the Brown Science Library is
  8. RISD Museum
  9. Take a bus to visit the first ever factory in the US, Slater Mill, and impress your friends with your colonial trivia knowledge
  10. Same as above, but the first Baptist church
  11. There's a bridge to nowhere that's fun to sit on and contemplate Big Ideas
  12. HP Lovecraft's grave. In an awesome cemetery.
  13. Wander around a giant mall with carpeting and go see a terrible IMAX movie at Providence Place, I promise you'll have fun
  14. Political corruption!
  15. Just some really great pizza
    Al Forno, Bacaro, Bob and Timmy's, Fellini's
    Suggested by @gabe
  16. Coffee milk - a beloved rhode island delicacy
    Suggested by @gabe
  17. Italian Dinner on Federal Hill with your parents or parent-type stand-ins
    Suggested by @Adam
  18. Any burrito except a Gordito Burrito
    Suggested by @Adam