Paul Feig is my favorite feminist.
  1. Melissa McCarthy's character is super capable and smart but also feminine and vulnerable.
    She's great at her job, but it doesn't define her. Some critics criticized the fact that she was pining after Jude Law to which I respond, have you seen Jude Law?
  2. They pass the Bechdel Test like it's no big deal.
    Head of the CIA? Woman. Rival spy? Woman. Main target? Woman. And no one ever utters the words "cat fight"
  3. They don't completely remove Melissa McCarthy's sexuality and the insecurities that go with it.
  4. The hot Bulgarian evil girl with an accent is more interesting and hilarious than the hot Bulgarian girl with an accent has any right to be.
  5. I was genuinely surprised and enthralled by a movie that might have seemed formulaic by the trailers. The trailers did not do it justice.
  6. Zach Woods shows up! This might have been my favorite part.
    My god he's adorable. He was wearing a bow tie like a high schooler who loves doctor who and doesn't care what people people think. I love him so much.
  7. Jason Statham's character is a hilarious mockery of the macho super-spy
    And he's still interesting and multidimensional!
  8. Self-actualization is so much better than a love story