A few spoilers, but nothing you couldn't have guessed.
  1. Shouldn't the scientists at least know what the giant Rex dinosaur is capable of? They're so surprised by everything she can do
  2. How the fuck did Bryce Dallas Howard run from a t-Rex in heels. She was still wearing her heel at the end. You think at one point, BDH would have raised her hand and told the director that was unrealistic.
  3. Nice touch showing Ian Malcolm's book.
  4. Jimmy Fallon is the king of cameos.
  5. They dropped that divorce subplot really fast. They barely picked it up.
  6. Dumb kids! don't go in a restricted zone!
  7. I don't buy Chris Pratt falling in love with the stuckup business lady
    She would've fallen for him easily. He was super cool.
  8. Did they make their dinosaur BULLETPROOF?
  9. So someone was an inGen traitor? The villain subplot was a little murky (not enough Newman)
  10. Kind of sexist to have one named femal character, and having her be a frigid bitch who needs an alpha male to teach her how to be a person.
  11. I mean really sexist.
  12. But it was a Jurassic Park movie and it was exactly what I expected.
  13. Also I liked that they included Jake Johnson as the audience stand-in in the same vintage Jurassic Park t-shirt all of the fanboys will be wearing.