It's called The Grange, and we're working for gender equality in publishing and literature. It would be amazing to have you in the Kickstarter video.
  1. It's easy.
    Record a video saying your favorite book by a female author and then email it to, tweet it to @grangecolony or upload it direct to Dropbox:
  2. Like, so easy
    It will take 10 seconds. Record it on your cellphone or webcam.
  3. It's a good cause
    Gender equality in publishing still exists. We can pretend it doesn't, or we can do something, like creating communities that empower and support young women.
  4. I really need you.
    I'm a dumb 22 year old. I graduated college less than 10 days ago. I need all of the help I can get, really. This is just something I'm incredibly passionate about, and I'll do anything it takes to make it happen.
  5. Show off how literary you are
    I bet your favorite book by a woman is something really sophisticated. Probably Play It As It Lays. Show off your excellent taste.
  6. Get babes
    Babes (both male and female) are proven to be drawn to people who are a) charitable, b) literary, c) feminist
  7. Did I mention how easy it was? So easy!
  8. I made one in my bedroom and my skin looks weirdly highlighter pink so don't worry this isn't about vanity.