1. I sent your package today!!!
  2. But I'm sorry it is kinda awkward!!!
  3. I wrote about stalking your lists in my card!!!!
    But I really did like the pictures of your dog and what you learned from having a cat and what you didn't invite to the thanksgiving table I'VE SAID TOO MUCH 😳
  4. Then I forgot to take the amazon prime tape off the box!!!!
    I hope you weren't expecting a box from amazon!!!
  5. The self service kiosk didn't print my return address!!!
    Or maybe I was supposed to write it myself. I didn't see a space for it and well there were a lot of people there so I was trying to get out of the way
  6. I didn't have a pen and I didn't want to ask to borrow one because everyone was so mean....so then I just used a pencil to write your name!!!!
    Idk why the machine/printer didn't ask for your name
  7. So your name might be faded by the time it gets to you!!!!
  8. And overall this box looks suspicious because there's no return address but it looks like its from amazon but maybe you aren't expecting an amazon package but I hope you are and the name looks like a ghost wrote it and I'm kinda freaking out that you'll freak out about it so ummm I'm sorry!!!
  9. I also hope you receive it because if not...I won't get it back!!!!!
  10. I used a lot of !!!! with the hope that it will make me less awkward but I don't think it did!!!!!!