1. I had a vivid dream where I took a bullet for the president
  2. I don't remember being shot
  3. I don't even know if Obama was president
  4. The dream starts with me going to the White House for a ceremony in my honor
  5. I haven't died, I'm not a ghost. I'm about to get some kind of award
  6. My mom is with me and we're walking to the ceremony
  7. We're tired from walking (where did we come from?) and my mom wants to stop. But I tell her we can't because people are after me for saving the president! We need to get to safety! I'M THIS PARANOID THROUGH THE WHOLE DREAM
  8. I arrive at the White House which looks like my cousins high school, and I vaguely remember another time where I was in danger AT THIS SAME PLACE
  9. I'm suddenly flanked by secret service, and they're escorting me to a press conference
    Bye mom
  10. But I just know that something is going to happen to me. Helicopters arrive on scene
  11. I tell the secret service I need to go to the bathroom right now
  12. A monster comes to attack the White House while I'm trapped in the bathroom
  13. I'm so afraid I wake myself up
  14. Don't eat this before bed