It Would Not Be a Tragedy if These Things Didn't Exist

  1. Lizards
    I have had many traumatic experiences with these things. I cannot stress enough how much I hate them. Also geico was the only safe thing I could search without triggering nightmares.
  2. Viva paper towels
    I got it from my mama...who also hates viva
  3. Green onions
    I just found out that the white part is what you're supposed to eat. People only put the green part on stuff and it is a menace to society.
  4. Kit kats
    Waste of chocolate
    Suggested by   @brittmaag
  5. Sea World's
    Shout out to my orcas!!!
    Suggested by   @brittmaag
  6. Blue UV Vodka
    For obvious reasons
    Suggested by   @brittmaag
  7. Every single Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay
    Suggested by   @brittmaag
  8. Me
    end me™ I am useless
    Suggested by   @lesbian