🍫🍬🍭 This is how I interrogate potential suitors.
  1. Favorite chocolate type
    Dark, definitely not white. I can overlook this.
  2. M&M's Pb or Reese's Pieces
    M&M's no contest. THIS A DEALBREAKER BECAUSE M&M's have a little bit of chocolate, the peanut butter is tastier, and its bigger. Clear choice.
  3. Most worthless candy
    Dots, candy corn, necco, look, big hunk, mamba, good news, goody & plenty, mike&ikes, kit kat. He must name at least 2 of these.
  4. Twizzlers or Red Vines
    None but I guess twizzlers THIS IS A TWIZZLERS FAMILY
  5. Fruit or chocolate
  6. Favorite oreo flavor
    Double stuf this is a trick question. If he says one of those shit flavors like fruit punch, I'm done.