I lost everything in my phone before April...so this is April–December. Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. Double chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter ice cream and sprinkles, from CREAM San Jose
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  2. Rainbow bread my dad sent to me from the Big Island
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  3. Cherries from my Uncle's backyard
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  4. Sushi dinner from Sushi Paradise, Maui
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  5. Kalua pig & lomi salmon in poi, at home on Maui
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  6. Chocolate mac nut and key lime pie from Leodas, Maui (coconut pie not pictured)
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  7. Poke bowl with half ninja poke half sunrise poke, Tamuras, Maui
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  8. Almond croissant, La Provence, Maui
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  9. Lilikoi and mango shave ice with li hing mui on top, Ululanis, Maui
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  10. Cronuts from my co-worker, somewhere in Sac
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  11. Spicy crunchy scallop roll, Cocoro, Stockton
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  12. Chocolate chip cookies made at home
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  13. Spanakopita, Greek Festival, Stockton
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  14. Chocolate covered red vines a friend brought to me from Maui Specialty Chocolates
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  15. Halloween bark my cousins and I made in Stockton
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  16. Scallop maniac, Sky Sushi, El Dorado Hills
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  17. Tri tip and enchiladas, Banderas, Sacramento
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  18. Maple bacon donut from the amazing @brittmaag & the Donut Shop
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  19. Cheesecake brownies made at home
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  20. Chicken salad from Chipotle, pre E-coli outbreaks
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  21. Taro and green tea ice cream in a glazed donut with almonds, The Parlor, Roseville
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  22. Spinach and artichoke dip, made in Stockton
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  23. Various sushi from Sky Sushi, EDH
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  24. Christmas crack I made
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  25. Country breakfast, Brookfields, Rancho Cordova
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  26. Country breakfast (again!), Sutter Street Grill, Folsom
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  27. Chocolate dipped chocolate cookies with peppermint that I made
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  28. BOMB ASS sandwich!!! called Spiffy Tiffy with chicken pesto cheese avo tomato...MMMM from Ike's, Cupertino
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  29. Surfin Bird, Beach Hut Deli in Folsom
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  30. Some lasagna I made
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  31. Sky Sushi AGAIN, EDH
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  32. I'm sure next year will bring EVEN MORE FOOD 🍴😻