Photos of Other People's Pets That I Have on My Phone

Requested by @brittmaag because she knows I collect them like Pokemon, I GOTTA CATCH UM ALL! The numbers represent total amount of sightings.
  1. Oliver - 27
    Office cat...belongs to a lady named Gail (who is also friend's with my boss) that lives in the neighborhood behind our office. He just jumps the fence to hang out with me and I LOVE HIM! He used to hang out in the parking lot and my other coworker would feed him cheetos, but I started petting him and luring him into our office. We named him mew-mew before we knew his background. I love fat orange cats. He was basically my cat until Gail decided to lock him up, now he shows once a month or so.
  2. Logan - 3
    Stepmom's dog
  3. Kali - 3
    Boss' dog
  4. Mosie - 15
    Also boss' dog, I have a staggering amount of pics because she always hangs around my desk AKA we're besties
  5. Luna - 6
    Britt's #1. I want tomake it clear that I have one more pic of luna ONLY BECAUSE I knew her before skylar. I love them equally. Follow on ig @lunavino_skylarhops
  6. Skylar aka Scrappy Doo - 5
    Britt's #2 who I nicknamed Scrappy-Doo. She kinda looks like Scrappy and she is scrappy!
  7. Peanut - 3
    Friend's cat. Her bf found him as a kitten...he's a little skittish so I was lucky to get this shot.
  8. Cookie - 3
    Same friend's second cat. You can follow him on ig @mrcookiebutts
  9. Roxie - 1
    Same friend's dog. P much the least fav of the pack
  10. Buster - 1
    Co-worker's adopted Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (say that 3 times fast)
  11. Lola - 1
    Co-worker's parents dog. P much Buster's gf
  12. Bentley - 1
    Another co-worker's dog. He loves to play ball LIKE WILL NOT STOP I LOVE HIM
  13. Iggy - 1
    Friend's dog. Don't know her that well but she cute
  14. I forgot her name - 1
    Rando my cousin dog-sat
  15. Skunky - 2
    Idk if this is his name, I thought he/she was a skunk the first time I met him and it caught on. Neighbor's cat. Idk the neighbor either 🤗
  16. Logan look-a-like at Starbizzles - 1
    I'm a creeper
  17. Random dogs in car at Ghardelli Factory - 1
    Creeper again
  18. Random ladies WITH CORGI - 1
    I want a corgi super bad so I take pictures of them and send them to everyone
  19. Random man WITH CORGI - 1
    Not related to random women
  21. Barry
    Neighbor's cat. Idk neighbor I just overheard that that's his name. Orange beaut.
  22. Mr. Kit aka Fill-up
    This cat loved me. He was belonged to my neighbor in college and I didn't know his name, so I named him fill-up after some dumb joke someone told me (I was drunk). I would sit outside my door and pet him bc my roommate was allergic. It became awkward when I found out his owner was someone I worked with.
  23. Ellie
    Rando BUT GORGEOUS orange and white cat that hung around my car in college. I also named her.
  24. Sammie
    I think he was ellie's gf. Siamese. Also named him.
  25. Benny
    Belonged to someone in the apartments I would walk by to get to my apartment. Everyone knew Benny because he hung out at the education bldg. He has a fb page: Benny the cat. Black and white hunk.
  26. Silver
    Belonged to this guy I didn't really like but who was into me. I p much hung out with him for his cat....she was black and he named her Silver because he was a huge raiders fan.
  27. Jessie
    My grandparent's neighbor's cat. She passed away a couple years ago, I was heartbroken.
  28. Reesey Piecey
    Grandparent's neighbor's cat too. Idk the name, my cousin was 2 when we met her and she was a calico so he named her that.
  29. Oscar
    Friend's adopted orange cat. Scratched me once and I'm allergic so my leg was swollen. Still loved him.
  30. Amber
    THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! My cat for 12 years until my mom moved. She was orange with a white belly and green eyes. There will never be another like her.
  31. Liberty
    I got her at the same time as Amber (I was like 7 when I got them and named them after some patriotic song), but she was skittish so it was hard to cuddle her. But I did my best to love her as much as she would let me. Tanish with blue eyes.