@brittmaag and I explain this to our clients v frequently, so here is a quick psa if you ever find yourself working with a designer.
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    Designers want vector files
    Vector logos are the most versatile and best resolution for design. We can scale vectors to any size, we can change them to any color, and we can put them on anything!
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    If you got it, we want it. It is the PERFECT file. Clients are wary to send this to us because they think we will incorrectly change their logo. Designers are wary to give this to clients because this file allows the client to take their jobs to other designers.
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    This file allows us to do everything that we could with an ai, but it can be deceiving. See fool's gold.
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    The most common file out there and 90% of the time it is the perfect file to give us. But sometimes designers flatten the file or make it a pdf in photoshop (not vector) so it doesn't work.
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    Not a vector. Should only be used for websites because it can have transparent background.
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    Not a vector. Shouldn't really be used for anything....we give these to our clients if they wanna drop it in word but really a png would do a better job of this.
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    Every other useless file type
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    Eps that is converted from a jpeg
    You think you can get away with it but you can't! An eps HAS to be made from an ai or eps because a jpeg is not a vector. You CANNOT take your jpg and save it as an eps. Just like you can't make gold from fool's gold.