The Time I Rolled Down the Stairs

Inspired by @brittmaag and her cockroach story
  1. I was in 7th grade
  2. I had a cousin in 6th grade who would hug me EVERY TIME SHE SAW ME
    As if my popularity would rub off on her (who am I kidding, I was a band geek)
  3. It embarrassed me so much
    Little did I know....
  4. I was about to walk down the stairs with my 3 besties when like clockwork there she was...
  5. Somehow everything was spinning by me and paper was flying out of my Hello Kitty binder
  6. When I finally stop rolling, I check that my brain is still working by asking myself was 2x2 is
    It was a basic neuro test
  7. And my old teacher is at the top hysterically screaming for campus security to come help me
  8. But like the hardcore beezy I am, I get up and walk away
    I got a few cuts on my legs 💁🏻
  9. My friends find me and are laughing like hyenas, thinking my cousin plotted my demise from the day she came to middle school
  10. The security guy finds me and takes me to the nurse
    Apparently my teacher thought I might need an mri/ct/x-ray/the whole dealio
  11. The nurse sends me to class and my friends make up a song about how I rolled down the stairs...which they still bring up and sing 10 years later