I'm going going back back to Bethel Bethel (When God found me - Gen 35:3 for those who want to know where that came from) Inspired by @ListPrompts
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    I was sick the past couple days and spent some time thinking about my walk with God
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    I've also been watching #deathtoselfie on netflix and I haven't listed in a while and this is a good prompt so here I am
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    I'm not trying to push anyone to believe anything, I'm just sharing who I am
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    My parents divorced when I was young and I lived with my mom, so I wasn't as close to my dad
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    When I was in college, my dad was injured at work and stuck at home for some time
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    He was in a lot of pain and blaming God for his problems...so he read Heaven is For Real to see what the big deal was
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    He had all these questions that he needed answers for, so he read the Bible and went to church.
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    He would call me every night telling me about what he learned and how he felt himself changing.
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    I was so skeptical that I just kept brushing him off
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    It took me a whole year until I went to church with him
    I was also feeling guilty about things I was doing in my life so I was avoiding God
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    I saw how much he had changed
    He used to have such a bad temper with strangers and his employees, but now he was patient and understanding. Only God can change your heart like that.
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    So I took what he said more seriously and listened, trying to understand myself how someone could change like he did
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    Then one Sunday I finally felt the presence of God
    I know how cheesy and made up that sounds. I just finally understood how big it was that God sent Jesus to save us and I felt saved.
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    Since then, I haven't gotten over being saved.
    Neither has my dad. We share our lives so deeply and walk together with God—we couldn't imagine our lives without Him.
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    God is my father, redeemer, savior, creator, and king. He is my heart, my strength, my rock, my refuge, my spirit, and the Lord of my life forever.
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    If you made it to the end, sorry if that was too churchy. I'm not judging you or trying to preach. I'm just a normal and flawed person who loves God.