Thursday. Just got home from work.
  1. I'm hungry
  2. Stay-at-home boyfriend/guy who cooks dinner is napping.
  3. But I'm hungry.
  4. I don't want to wake him, because he's so peaceful when he sleeps.
  5. But I'm hungry.
  6. He's not even that peaceful. He's kinda snoring.
  7. I'm really hungry.
  8. He'd probably want to be woken by this point, so he can sleep well tonight.
  9. I'm so hungry.
  10. I could just make myself a sandwich.
  11. Is it actually "awakened"?
  12. I don't *want* a sandwich for dinner.
  13. SO HUNGRY.
  14. What a bum, this guy.
  15. I work all day, and I'm supposed to make my own dinner, too?
  16. I'm friggin starving over here.
  17. Maybe if I just turn on the light, he'll wake up on his own...
  18. God, he sleeps like a rock! How do you do that?
  19. Oh! M&Ms :)
  20. ... Ok, still pretty hungry.
  21. Let's see... We have turkeyyy, cheeeese... no bread. Rrrrranch? Hm. Low carb. Carrots. That's well-rounded.
  22. Why do I always take a yogurt from the continental breakfast? That's gonna be in here forever.
  23. Yeah, it's definitely supposed to be "awakened".