Every Picture Tells A Story: Tour At The National Gallery Of Victoria (Primary School)

A tour though the National Gallery of Victoria looking at artworks that engage students with 'story'. We will look and many artworks on our journey. Here are some we will focus on below:
  1. 1.
    Depending on age of students, we can ask them to create a story as we go. At each artwork we see they use that as inspiration to use in part of their story. by the end of the class students will have created an original story incorporating the works they saw.
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    The Harbinger of Spring - Shanyue Guan - 1980 - Paper - China
    China. Tells the story of time using the Prunus. The flowers bloom just before spring (helpful if you did not have a watch!) Excitement of new life.
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    Kyōsai's Treatise on Painting - Kyōsai Gadan - 1887 - Artist Book
    Like a comic book!, lots of different artworks (artist wanted to show the different styles in Japan) also has lots of stories of history. How would we 'read' this book?. What is the significance of having books with lots of images and fewer words?
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    Mark Rothko - Untitled (RED) - 1956
    Telling a story of emotions. Colour can be used to tell a story and be descriptive. Do you use descriptive words in your writing?, it makes it more interesting! How do you feel looking at this artwork?
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    The Thinker (Le Penseur) 1884 - Bronze
    What could be the story here? What is he thinking about? ACTIVITY: Students go in pairs and need to come up with a story about what the statue is thinking about. Good photo-op if you bring some paper thinking bubbles for students to write on and hold in front of the statue.
  6. 6.
    LOOK: Lots of stories from the Bible or History - Why?
    It was very popular in the time to paint these images. These stories (bible, history) were the most well known at the time. People could understand the images without knowing how to read.
  7. 7.
    ACTIVITY: In the Salon
    Look at all these paintings and possible stories. In a small group pick a painting (don't tell anyone) and then think of what story can be shown in the painting. Then you will tell the rest of the class your story, can they guess the right painting?
  8. 8.
    Mount St. Michael, Cornwall - Clarkson Stanfield - 1830 - English
    A shipwreck, looks like we have come in at the end of the story. What do you think happened before this image?
  9. 9.
    Poenipaniya (Masks) Alick Tipoti - 2015 - Qld.
    Masks represent different spirits and stories. Have a look at the masks and some of their expressions, what could this sprit's job be?
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    LOOK: How is furniture art (why?) how can it tell a story?
    Think about your bedroom, do you have a top draw that you put in all your special stuff? If I saw this would it tell me a story of you?
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    Andre Courreges - Designer - Trouser Suit - French 1969
    How can clothes tell a story? (Time - look at old pictures of your parents!) What was in fashion. This suit was part of the 'space age' collection. What the designer thought the future might be like. What do you think we will be wearing 50 years from now?
  12. 12.
    Plia Folding Chair - Giancorlo Piretti - Italy
    Story of the 60's, apartment living, new technology (plastics) style and more. ACTIVITY: Draw a chair that tells your story (Sport, video games, travel, dreams)