The Art Of Play - A Treasure Hunt In 'The Salon' Of The National Gallery Of Victoria

A 'follow the clues' activity for students as part of the Art of Play tour through the NGV. Using artworks in The Salon students will need to first explore the area, look at the artworks and then be given a series of clues. These clues will correspond to one of the artworks (painting or sculpture).
  1. Man, it's very cold here...lucky I have my own wool jumper, but these birds sure are annoying!
    Anguish - Albert Schenk - 1878. Word given: A
  2. This is King Kong's favourite artwork!
    Gorille enlevant une femme - Emmanuel Fremiet. Word given: WORD
  3. "No way I lost! You must have cheated!"
    Checkmate - Charles Meer Webb - 1866. Word given: PICTURE
  4. "Looks like it is chips for dinner again tonight..."
    Saison d'octobre - Jules Bastien-Lepage - 1878. Word given: IS
  5. Red Bull doesn't give you wings, the Greek god Hermes does!
    Perseus arming - Alfred Gilbert - 1882. Hermes is the Greek god of legend that gave Perseus winged sand led to defeat medusa. Word given: WORTH
  6. The English are surrounded, the French and Polish are attacking! (But they really love ABBA)
    The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras - Elizabeth Thompson - 1875. Word given: THOUSAND