Tour Of The National Gallery Of Victoria Australian Collection - Year 7

What do you expect to see today? What do you think of when you think of Australian art? In the gallery across the road we have artworks that are thousands of years old, but here at the NGVA we are going to start in the 19th Century, why is that? (Australia wasn't founded until January 26, 1788)
  1. Moulting lagoon and Great Oyster Bay - 1838
    Painted Van Diemen's Land - what is that? What is a landscape and what is a portrait? (iPad connection). In the 18th century all landscapes should be pretty, artist has made some stylistic changes to do so.
  2. Frederick Polydore Nodder - Etcher - 1790s
    Australia was new! So many new things to see, artists (naturalists) created these nature books showing these crazy new animals. No colour photos, no internet, no photocopies... = a lot of work!
  3. Landscape paintings
    Why so many landscape paintings and very few cities? Well, there were none yet!
  4. Swanston street from the Bridge - Henry Burn - 1861
    Have you been here before? What has changed, is it for the better? How art can be a snapshot of history - compare to snapchat.
  5. Shearing the Rams - Tom Roberts - 1890
    Very famous, Australia is starting to develop a national identity - what is that? Farms, sheep, etc. Took him several years to complete. Young boys working here, your age!
  6. Circe - Bertram Mackennal - 1893
    A Sorceress that turned you into a best from a story. Art censorship (base was covered up) Art and free speech? Things get more risky as we move on!
  7. The Pioneer - Fredrick McCubbin -1904
    What is the theme? - Pioneers. The story of life, what story do you see? Why are there chairs in this room?
  8. Sidney Nolan
    Conscripted into the army (what is conscription?) was on guard duty and bored so dos this drawings (instead of playing Crosby road). What stories is he taking about? Now let's look at the titles to see if we were right.
  9. Collins St, 5pm - John Brack - 1955
    What do we see here? Is it a fun scene (colour, business, plain) is it a reflection on the story?. Why are we seeing less trees now!
  10. Untitled no. 8 - Robert Hunter
    Is it just white? Move closer. Do you like this? Is it art to you?
  11. Peter Booth - Painting - 1977
    Self portrait, thick paint, harsh colours, how does this make you feel?
  12. Actual Factual - Howard Arkley - 1994
    A look at the normal, simple things, suburbs roads, factories but with a splash of colour. Does this change the feel of them? Pop art - screen print technique.
  13. Model for a sunken monument - 1999 - Ricky Swallow
    Art about his generation, he grew up with the original Star Wars. Other works of the artist, BMX Bikes, old computers. ACTIVITY: what objects would you use to talk about your generation?
  14. The Joseph Brown Collection
    Lots of artworks all different from different times. All in one place (at the request of the owner)