Inspired by @amieshmamie. Given my history, I don't often say these things aloud because then people think I'm going to off myself, but since it's a trending thing, I may as well put it out there in the event of my untimely death.
  1. Do: Put together a slideshow of the most ridiculous photos you have of me. (Example provided.)
    I'd like to be remembered for my goofier times. Please choose appropriate music for the background. No "Wind Beneath My Wings" or whatnot.
  2. Don't: Recite Psalm 23
    Or put it anywhere in the service program. There are a dozen or more better verses that would better sum up my relationship and beliefs in the Almighty. Hell, I'd rather have "The Church is a whore, but she's my mother" (St. Augustine) printed in large letters on the front of the program. On second thought, no program. Problem solved!
  3. Do: Have food.
    If y'all are going to spend hours upon hours grieving me (I keed, I keed), at least feed yourselves. But honestly, funerals are exhausting and a funfetti cupcake makes everything just a little better.
  4. Don't: Hide your emotions
    However you feel about my passing - angry, sad, relieved, whatever - just feel it. Express it. Make some art of it. Right there at the ceremony if need be.
  5. Do: Mention my cause of death, especially if it is related to my mental illness
    While I intend to die at the ripe old age of 106 while base-jumping, I am not so naive to think that I couldn't possibly die by (God forbid) my eating disorder or suicide or some other related consequence of mental illness. Whatever it is, speak it. Acknowledge it. Use my death to break down stigma and shame. If it does kill me, please do me the favour of using my death to work toward the same ends I have worked for in my life.