Feelings I Have at My Internship, As Expressed By Bitmojis.

  1. Bringing a client into session.
  2. Empathizing
  3. Countertransference
    One step past empathy.
  4. Beginning about an hour after clients arrive on Tuesdays.
    I love my job. Truly. But it can be exhausting.
  5. "Eat your damn sandwich!"
  6. Suspicious
    Like when a client tells me she ate all her exchanges on her 4300 kcal meal plan over the weekend, but still lost four pounds.
  7. Thursday morning treatment team
  8. Explaining thought-stopping and CBT
  9. When a client gets it after thirty five iterations of the same concept
  10. When clients start challenging each other and pushing each other in groups
  11. When a client "graduates" from treatment
  12. 6:30pm Friday
    Thank heavens for the weekend. :)