A mash up: a poem on the fly about Down's syndrome. Based on my personal experience - everyone with Down's is different (you know, just like typically developing humans). The special needs ministry is my church home.
  1. I knew you were different from first glance -
  2. Your wideset, almond eyes;
  3. The way you carried your body, a slightly different shape than mine.
  4. But you smiled, and I did the same.
  5. I was scared to say hi, but I had seen you around
  6. and your smile made me brave.
  7. I asked to join you and your friends,
  8. A group of young women who had just led worship.
  9. We joined hands and I knew we were friends, too -
  10. and sisters, adopted by a common Father.
  11. You thanked Him for me, prayed prayers that made me weep.
  12. And I saw the wisdom in allowing you -
  13. marginalized, ignored, left in the back rooms of the church -
  14. to lead me in worship and praise.
  15. Decades in the church
  16. and preparing for ministry
  17. Could not possible teach me the tenderness of heart
  18. and openness to difference
  19. As you did that night.
  20. My spiritual leaders are not those with degrees and missions experience,
  21. but with "disabilities" that allow them to see Christ
  22. more clearly than I ever will.