Before I die. I'm not really sure that you can see a play posthumously though? I guess someone could bring my urn - which of my friends is volunteering to do this in the event of an accident?
  1. Wicked
    Currently in my town, but I work and go to school and have zero free time and even less money.
  2. RENT
    I think the Broadway soundtrack is far superior to the movie soundtrack, so I have only to assume this is also true of the show itself.
  3. Chicago
    He had it comin!
  4. Avenue Q
    Except I'll be bring ear plugs for some of the songs since they are a bit too raunchy for me.
  5. The Book of Mormon
    Sorry, LDS friends. Basically everything I know about your religion is based on this soundtrack.
  6. Annie Get Your Gun
    Anything you can do...
  7. Next to Normal
    So...borderline crazy? My life story!
  8. Cabaret
    Fantastic music and dance.
  9. Porgy and Bess
    Classic American theatre and some real kick ass music.