Or, at least, those people from IRL that I know have list app?
  1. Static
    Hilarious, smart, and loving. She allowed me to live with her during some of the darkest days of my relapse (when I thought I was totally fine) and loved me through it all. I can't fathom how difficult that was and it boggles my mind that we are still friends and have been for over twenty years.
  2. Static
    I love her heart. I love her honesty. My favourite memories involve walking/running on the greenway and just talking about life and the struggles of being human. She is a voracious reader and lover of life and I sincerely think we should hang out more.
  3. I have known you since you were a tyke. My favourite memory is when you were locked in the guest bedroom as punishment (parent approved punishment, I swear!) and you crawled out the window and showed up at the side door and walked in while I was lecturing your brother about why you were locked up.
  4. Hilarious maker of YouTube videos and wearer of the bow tie.
  5. The first time I saw you, you were wearing an "A Christmas Story" sweatshirt that said "You'll shoot your eye out!" And I still have the notes you would leave on my car from the WU. I suspect you were trying to get in good with @amieshmamie's friends so you could marry her. It worked.
  6. I don't get to see you much, but when we do run into each other, it's never awkward, which says far more about you than me. I am perpetually awkward. You are classy AF. Plus, you lived with me and didn't kill me, which is a hell of an accomplishment. As was getting my couch downstairs. Pi-vot!!
  7. You are one BAMF. Titanium back and all.
  8. I love your honesty. And I'm counting it as knowing you IRL even though we know each other from blogging. You have been through some shit and I love your openness and willingness through the recovery process.
  9. I'm almost positive I forgot people despite my effort to go through alphabetically. My apologies!