My friends are hilarious. And we talk a lot about @list
  1. I unleashed too much funny too soon.
  2. [List App] Comments are my love language.
  3. I'm a hard-core judger, that's all.
  4. It's not going to be like, "I felt his member..?"
    In reference to a comment on someone's love life and desire to make a list about it.
  5. Woohoooooo!
    @luchag got super excited when he heard the pizza should be here in 15 minutes.
  6. I love it when people fall. Mainly when children fall, but adults too.
  7. Hi! We're so excited you're here!!
    @amieshmamie was so glad to see the delivery person.
  8. He's a very nice boy; he's going to college.
  9. And he's married, but that's the least of your concerns.
  10. And I just got a new follower bitches...I'm up to 42.
  11. My social media self esteem is like, as high as it can be.
    @amieshmamie - go ahead. Follow her.
  12. Seven likes?! I'm sure four of them are people I really know.
  13. According to my Facebook ads...
  14. Excuse me. That's the beer talking.
  15. Do you know I got real passionate about congress on my way to work this my head.
  16. I don't journal. I party.
  17. I've been saying "Jesus" as a curse lately and I can't stop it...
  18. I want my gluten!
  19. There was a family at work and it had a two year old dog and it died of fucking natural causes. And I thought, why can't my life be like that?!
    @amieshmamie is not a dog person
  20. I try not to feel things...
  21. If I were to list a list right now it would say, "I fucking love @list"
  22. Fuck y'all. I know all of television.
    @justjills is a beast.
  23. I hate preheating and I never believe in it except these cookies, which are very fragile.
    @amieshmamie and her damned gluten free cookies.
  24. I hung up my TV. And it's on the fucking wall. MAGIC.
  25. She's like, a cool lesbian.
  26. I'm the drunkest and I'm trying to work the remotes.
  27. Is Anna Kendrick not the most fuckable female you've ever seen?
    For the record, no one here is attracted to females. And yet we pretty much all agreed.
  28. I tried to rap in my car today...
  29. You drove on the grass?! This is my prize winning grass.
  30. Is my butt like, low sensitivity?
    Credited to @amieshmamie
  31. "You are as loved as a first grand baby on both sides - That is fucking poetry!
  32. That reminds me. I need to get my Babysitters Club collection back from my niece.