1. I hate typing on my iPhone
    I have fat fingers and it makes for autocorrect weirdness and grammar mistakes and I simply cannot abide by the latter.
  2. I work like a MoFo
    Like, full-time job, full-time student, plus I have to get in food and sleep and self-care somewhere. So it's rare that I feel like doing something that could be potentially stressful (see #1).
  3. I'm lazy
    In direct contrast to my last point, I'm lazy. At least, lazy in the sense that I want to spend my free time lying in bed and reading books, not trying to be clever.
  4. I'm not that funny
    How does the list app have so many funny and clever people?! Y'all put me to shame and so sometimes I feel like it's not even worth trying.
  5. I tire of being serious
    My most popular lists are about my eating disorder and recovery. And I love being an advocate and sharing information - truly. But I also work in an eating disorder treatment center and am faced with this stuff all day long and it can be exhausting, so coming back here and doing the same is less than appealing.
  6. I'd rather be reading
    Currently reading: Shattered Image by Brian Cuban and The Woman's Way to The Twelve Steps. Even my "for fun" reading is serious.