If you have Asian wire grease hair like me, you understand the need for someone who understands how to treat it with care. This is a short list of my favorite Korean hair technicians
  1. Kuna, Schaumburg IL
    Kuna is solid and she is great to talk to. But I find myself having to get a hair cut after two weeks when I see her. She is probably the best near me. Here's the thing about my Korean barbers/beauticians, I never know their real or full name. Is Kuna really your name? What's your last name? Where are you from? You just don't ask these kinds of direct things unfortunately.
  2. Eddie Chun - Deerfield IL
    Eddie is really good, perhaps the best I've been to in the Chicagoland area. He is gentle and soft spoken. I would go to him a lot when he was at Marshal's (a chain of Korean salons) in Lincolnshire, IL. It was near my first salaried job's office. I would go to Eddie sometimes when I didn't need to but was going to see some girl I liked but didn't like me back. Eddie taught me that I can do better than my friend's basement with questionable lighting.
  3. 이발소 or barber, Flushing, NY (he never told me his name so I just called him "barber"
    This guy had it all: precision, technique, attention to detail. Unfortunately, I found out that he was running a shady massage parlor in back. Once he got kicked out of his building and got my home number and called me whenever I needed a hair cut. That's service, man. He never asked what I wanted. He just gave me what he thought was best. He was never wrong. I still think about this guy and what he did for my self-esteem.
  4. My aunt Helen, Morton Grove, IL
    I don't remember how good she was or how much she charged but I grew up with her cutting my hair. She was the kindest person. I had three aunts on my dad's side of the family. They were all influential to me. They would jump into pools in their underwear and chase me around asking to see my wiener. Two of them died early. The week before my wedding, my dad told me to visit their graves. I didn't want to because it was freezing. When I saw their graves I broke down and cried. I missed them.