1. You have freedom but are rarely able to exercise it
    Want to eat two Big Macs for dinner? Sorry, you'd die in two days. Want to watch meaningless YouTube videos all night? Sorry, you'll be exhausted at work. Life is always about doing what needs to get done. Parents, stop telling your kids they can do whatever they want when they become adults. Not true.
  2. I rarely spend my money on having fun
  3. Having children is harder than I thought
    There is no language veterans use to fully describe the horrors of war to those who never was around one. So too words about parenting to non parents.
  4. I don't have sex every night
    ...and I'm okay with that
  5. Money is a lot more important than I thought it would be
    It's not the solution to life's ultimate problem but it is the solution to just about everything else.
  6. Student loans are deceptively burdensome
  7. My talent alone took me nowhere