The perfect food deserves the utmost care
  1. Allergies
    Are you allergic to perfection?
  2. Bread
    Every great sandwich starts with perfect bread. I find processed, white bread inferior because the goo from the peanut butter makes the bread cling to the roof of your mouth like an octopus.
  3. P to J ratio
    What is your preference? One must keep the end in mind before starting the journey (I just made that up). I personally prefer a lot of peanut butter and a touch of jelly.
  4. Open face or closed
    This will affect how much P and J to apply.
  5. Toasted or untoasted
    I love how peanut butter melts on toasted bread. Remember: it's ok to make a mess when making a PB&J.
  6. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter
    Crunchy is for barbarians IMO.
  7. Jam or jelly
    I like a little body on my jam. Raspberry preserves where you can feel the crunch of the seeds is my fav.
  8. Drink
    If milk didn't make my colon sing, I would choose a glass of milk every time. Coffee is my current choice.
  9. Posture
    Always keep sandwich over plate when eating.
  10. I was inspired