1. Anything Classic Madonna
  2. Fleetwood Mac: mostly Stevie Nicks because she's in my range.
  3. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Bonnie Tyler : because it can double as a duet if you don't mind singing the same thing over and over again. But really it's a friggin classic.
  4. "After the Glitter Fades" Stevie Nicks : a little twang and some slide guitar never hurt anybody
  5. "Love Will Keep Is Together" Captain and Tennille : honesty, this song is fun to sing and play out. It's got a good beat and its a little dancey. Plus if you don't like Burt Bacharack, then I don't want tot know you.
  6. "Running Up That Hill" Kate Bush : one of the few songs of hers that's in my range. I've almost retired this song because I've sung it so many times. Its just that Kate Bush is so good and this song has a great chord progression.