Guys, how fun is it to see these people in 60s garb?!
  1. Devon Gummersall
    Brian Krakow on My So Called Life / Peggy's date Stevie in S7 Part 2 Premiere! (He turned into even more of a cutie!)
  2. Larisa Oleynik
    Alex Mack / Ken Cosgrove's wife!
  3. Ray Wise
    Leland Palmer on Twin Peaks / Ken Cosgrove's father-in-law
  4. Neve Campbell
    Party of Five, Scream, The Craft / mysterious woman on plane
  5. Charles Shaughnessy
    Mr. Sheffield on The Nanny / Powell (of Putnam, Powell and Lowe)
  6. Dennis Haskins
    Mr. Belding on Saved By The Bell! / Cool Whip executive
  7. Bess Armstrong
    Angela's mom on My So Called Life / Jane Sterling's psychiatrist who convinced Roger to try LSD
  8. Joe O'Connor
    Clarissa's dad on Clarissa Explains it All / Trudy's dad