A chameleon, a renaissance man, a true jack (Kelly) of all trades... This is the best of Bale.
  1. Jack Kelly in Newsies
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    A no-brainer. Definitely at his cutest here, despite his less-than-stellar singing and dancing. Such a shame he's so unwilling to discuss this movie.
  2. Patrick Bateman in American Psycho
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    Very scary but in peak physical shape 👌
  3. Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle
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  4. Batman!
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    DUH! Affleck has big shoes to fill!
  5. Laurie in Little Women
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    So sweet but Jo broke his heart and he married Amy!
  6. Terminator Salvation on-set rant
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    "Stay off the fucking set man, for fuck's sake!" -- CLASSIC Bale!
  7. Arthur Stuart in Velvet Goldmine
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  8. Dicky Eklund in The Fighter
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    The pride of Lowell, MA. Wicked pissah.
  9. Jack Rollins in I'm Not There
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    A great version of folksy Dylan 🎸
  10. Empire of the Sun
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    Baby Bale! Awww!
  11. Thomas in Pocahontas
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    John Smith's BFF!
  12. Knight of Cups trailer
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    idk, it's a Malick film and the trailer looks dope