A chameleon, a renaissance man, a true jack (Kelly) of all trades... This is the best of Bale.
  1. Jack Kelly in Newsies
    A no-brainer. Definitely at his cutest here, despite his less-than-stellar singing and dancing. Such a shame he's so unwilling to discuss this movie.
  2. Patrick Bateman in American Psycho
    Very scary but in peak physical shape 👌
  3. Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle
  4. Batman!
    DUH! Affleck has big shoes to fill!
  5. Laurie in Little Women
    So sweet but Jo broke his heart and he married Amy!
  6. Terminator Salvation on-set rant
    "Stay off the fucking set man, for fuck's sake!" -- CLASSIC Bale!
  7. Arthur Stuart in Velvet Goldmine
  8. Dicky Eklund in The Fighter
    The pride of Lowell, MA. Wicked pissah.
  9. Jack Rollins in I'm Not There
    A great version of folksy Dylan 🎸
  10. Empire of the Sun
    Baby Bale! Awww!
  11. Thomas in Pocahontas
    John Smith's BFF!
  12. Knight of Cups trailer
    idk, it's a Malick film and the trailer looks dope