I was a theater kid with a seatbelt belt and Dashboard Confessional lyrics written on my Converse, so most of this doesn't apply to me... It is merely what I observed. 203 baby!
  1. Dave at the Meadows
    As in, "you get your Dave (Matthews) tix yet?"
  2. Jeep Wranglers
    "My parents bought me one for getting straight Bs last semester"
  3. My Republican boyfriend and me almost breaking up over the Kerry/Bush election
    A tense time at the lockers
  4. Dirty, frayed white baseball hats
  5. Lacrosse
    It's like, literally not a sport anywhere else?
  6. Basically not seeing a black person (in the flesh) or a (non-closeted) gay person until college
  7. Yearbook quotes: DMB, Phish, the Dead, or @john
    "Did you know he's from Fairfield?"
  8. Lilly Pulitzer graduation dresses
    *DEFINITELY NOT* the Target line. The real shit.
  9. Hometown heroes: Olympic soccer player Kristine Lilly, Paul Dano
  10. Being friends with @kstraw even though she was a cheerleader and I was a theater kid
    Like a goddamn Taylor Swift song
  11. Nagging your parents to let you take metro north to the city with your friends
    Suggested by @kstraw
  12. Abercrombie and Fitch
    Suggested by @benkorell