I'm a child of the 90s and I worshipped these bitches in middle school. (Given the chance, I'd def still jump at the opportunity to dish about boys with them over some Sauvy B.)
  1. Our Lips Are Sealed
    They witness a ROBBERY and get put in the WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM so they get to go to Sydney and flirt with hot Aussie surfers. Hands down their finest work.
  2. Billboard Dad
    The twins make a billboard to find a new wife for their dad / a new mom for them. V cute & V 90s concept, plus the middle school fashion is TITE.
  3. It Takes Two
    Basically a pre-Lohan Parent Trap remake. Kirstie Alley! GUTTENBERG!
  4. Winning London
    I remember the soundtrack for this one being actually pretty dece. The guy from House and Chicago Fire is in it, obviously playing a sexy British Lord or something.
  5. Passport to Paris
    In this one a French guy eats a hamburger with a fork and knife and they tell him "uhh, it's called a hamburger, you eat it with your hands" which makes no sense at all.
  6. When in Rome
    Like OK we get it at this point...these movies are just an excuse for y'all to hang out in a cool city for a few months.
  7. Switching Goals
    The soccer one. Forgettable.
  8. Getting There
    The drivers license one. Snooze.
  9. Holiday in the Sun
    I just remembered this one SUCKING. It used the Weezer song, obviously, which is really embarrassing for Weezer and pretty much the height of them selling out.
  10. New York Minute
    They tried to take the tried-and-true straight-to-video formula to the big screen, and it failed epically. They were never heard from again.