Stolen from @miggles36 & @Maxim26 because I love the idea the most.
  1. More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley
    Album I've listened to the most
  2. "All My Friends" - LCD Soundsystem
    Song I've listened to, loved, & related to the most in my 20s
  3. Newsies
    Movie I've seen the most. (I saw the musical twice. It's good, but when you can literally recite the movie it's *AN ADJUSTMENT*)
  4. Spring Awakening
    Show I've seen the most. I'm checking out the Deaf West production this Sunday, has anyone been?
  5. Arrested Development
    Show I've watched the most. Each episode at least 3 times. And you catch new jokes EVERY TIME.
  6. A weekend getaway with a pool and some wine
    Luxury I enjoy the most -- preferably the Ojai Rancho Inn or a house in Palm Springs
  7. Magic Hat #9
    Beer I love the most
  8. Person I spend the most time with (and love da most!)
  9. My parents
    People I admire the most. They're the dopest.
  10. Block Island
    Place I love the most. Lotsa memories
  11. Sony Pictures Studios
    The place I've spent the most time over the last 5 years. I don't wanna talk about it
  12. Dude
    Word I say the most, dude!
  13. Pizza, duh
    Food I eat da most
  14. Rose- summer drink you adore the most
    Suggested by @lizanedelman