I'm 27 and I went to film school. I know. It's embarrassing that it took me this long.
  1. Oh, so THIS is the movie Inherent Vice was trying to be.
  2. I now get why people say my dad reminds them of The Dude
  3. How did I not get murdered at Emerson for not having seen this movie?
  4. Cowichan sweaters: in this year!
  5. Walter's fishing vests: not fashionable, but v practical
    So many pockets!
  6. Bowling isn't THAT fun, is it?
    I feel like it is always less fun than you expect it to be
  7. Jeff Bridges: kind of a babe, right?
  8. White Russians are delicious and I know dairy is v uncool these days but a comeback is in order
  9. One of the goons is JACOB FROM LOST!
  10. Soundtrack is v tite
  11. Flea! Aimee Mann!
  12. Not enough Turturro.
  13. Not enough Buscemi.
  14. Julianne Moore is so beautiful and I want to look like she does now when I am 54 please and thank you
  15. The Dude
    Always impressed with how the Dude constantly keeps his composure, remains cool in all situations.
    Suggested by @aaronkaczander
  16. Tara Reid
    as sexy trophy wife Bunny, back then 😏, now 😐
    Suggested by @aaronkaczander
  17. David Thewlis.
    Suggested by @videodrew