When you get someone real good with a deception, you can bet they're one of these types
  1. ninny
    a fool of the highest order. they won't realize how good you got them for a hundred years.
  2. rube
    ah, ha! a satisfying get, a nice trophy. the rube thinks he or she is the cunning type of person, but he or she is actually quite prone to scratching his or her head in confusion.
  3. chumpino
    the little naive thing from the boot called Italy
  4. foool
    you got the foool's money so much and so good that the fool only has a few hundred dollars left in his or her savings account
  5. clown bobby
    a clown dressed like a cop who's chasing you with a soft foam billy club. you bury your face in a newspaper and say "he went that-of-way!" the clown bobby loses you. he goes home and yells at his wife