Favorite Movies of 2016

  1. 1.) American Honey
    Criminally underrated/under-distributed masterpiece of the year. Andrea Arnold's Cannes Jury Prize winner is a fresh and original film about youth, love, family, poverty, and America.
  2. 2.) The Lobster
    Greek art house legend Yorgos Lanthimos' first English language effort is bizarre, uncomfortable, and moving as hell. A twisted surrealist reflection on both the importance and absurdness of human relationships.
  3. 3.) Arrival
    An uncommonly paced science fiction film by Denis Villeneuve that deals with how we perceive time and language, and how those perceptions affect our communication and human interactions. Featuring a career-best performance from the always stellar Amy Adams.
  4. 4.) Cafe Society
    Woody Allen's charmingly melancholic portrait of 1930's social elites in Hollywood and New York City is both familiar to his much practiced style and freshly charged with a unique spirit.
  5. 5.) La La Land
    An undeniably impressive spectacle about the pursuit of dreams from young director Damien Chazelle. While not as deeply explorative as other films on this list, La La Land is a piece of masterful cinema and decidedly fun.
  6. 6.) Moonlight
    Barry Jenkins' sophomoric effort is a hauntingly touching and visually stylish mosaic dealing with sexuality, masculinity, and race set against a backdrop of all too real poverty. Superb cinematography from James Laxton.
  7. 7.) Nocturnal Animals
    Tom Ford's latest film is a predictably stylish thriller about loyalty and betrayal. Featuring a well rounded cast all delivering exceptional performances.