Eating awesome food doesn't have to be expensive. All of these are takeaway meals for 2 under $30, most often with leftovers
  1. Boran Thai
    Best pad Thai I've ever had. Everything I've had from here is a winner: drunken noodles, boat noodles, rad nah Boran...they only use white chicken meat and you don't feel loaded down with salt afterwards. Usually costs about $30 for takeaway and we eat a meal of leftovers, so about 4 meals
  2. Fukurou Ramen
    On Hollywood/Normandie. Best fried rice I've had. A meal comes with ramen, fried rice and potstickers, and you're going to need 2-3 sittings to finish all that. The medium boiled egg in the ramen is also awesome.
  3. LA Rose
    Great place for a rainy day. The Tocino pork is fantastic
  4. India's
    Somehow always empty, I think they mainly do takeaway. Another place where you feel like they care about you with thx food they're making.
  5. Big Mama and Papas
    Best gluten free pizza I've had in LA. Previous favorite was Lucifer's. This tastes like how pizza tastes when you were a kid and you were like I LOVE PIZZA!!!! Pretty much always my reaction when getting this. This was my birthday meal of choice this year.
  6. Carousel
    Everything at Carousel tastes like it's made with love. The staff is super nice. Every single thing I've had from here is great, and you don't feel terrible after eating it.
  7. Mixto
    Their chicken bowls are really good, and the corn dish is awesome.
  8. Cugurt
    Awesome chicken rice soup, some of my favorite dolmas, really great mixed meat gyro plate.