1. Pride and Prejudice
    I have read this almost every year since high school. I still use my brother's copy and it has his notes from class in it. I also keep a football ticket from 2001 as the bookmark. I have taped it several times and it is almost unusable now because it's falling apart
  2. The Alchemist
    I keep buying it and reading it and then giving it away so I'm on my 4th copy or so
  3. Catcher in the Rye
    This spoke more to me as a 20 something than it did in high school. Movies ARE crummy and I realized that people are phonies. I wonder how I would like it ten years later
  4. Anne of Green Gables
    I read this repeatedly in grade school. I recently re-read the series and realized how influence by Anne I was and am. I love talking to magical woodland creatures and making up stories about strangers. I don't have a fiery temper, though
  5. Superfudge by Judy Bloom
    I read this at least 30 times in grade school. I know because I counted. I was not that into Judy Bloom's other books. I should read this again to see what attracted me so much to it