The collection is getting bigger. I get a lot of cards but only keep my favorites up there.
  1. Puking unicorn birthday card from my sweetheart
    I can't even get over how much I love this card
  2. Pat Benatar card from one of my artists
    She stopped by with this and smelling salts when I was going through a hard time this winter and I've never felt more appreciated
  3. Card from my sister that included her kids' school pics
  4. Thank you note from my oldest friend for the baby blanket I had my mom make her
    We've been friends since we were four!
  5. Really sweet card from my grandma
    This was in response to the thank you note I wrote to her for her Christmas gift. I really need to send a reply. She emails but I think she loves letters more.
  6. Valentine's Day card from my sweetheart
    I'm the best of the best, apparently!