Echo Park had an influx of coffee shops in the last year. I love coffee. Here are my favorites
  1. Eightfold
    I've only visited once so it's a risky move to rank this first, but I love the open space and lots of seating. The most important part is the coffee, which is the favorite of all the shops I've tried in Echo Park. Eightfold serves Heart coffee and I love it. Parking is a little difficult here, try to come before Guisados across the street opens for the day.
  2. Woodcat
    Woodcat was my previous favorite until Eightfold opened. They serve Wrecking Ball out of San Francisco, which I don't love. But I like it enough and Woodcat is a place that really cares about coffee. They have a sweet little space. I like to come here for meetings but seats are often limited.
  3. Blue Bottle
    Blue Bottle opening was the third "there goes the neighborhood" moments, recently proceeded by the opening of Lassens and Dinnette (two places I also love hate.). The sterile vibe of Blue Bottle doesn't fit with the Echo Park I've lived in for five years. I've always loved Blue Bottle coffee but recently I'm very tired of the fruity notes in third wave pour overs. I do a lot of meetings at Blue Bottle because I love the space and I can walk around the lake afterwards. The staff here is nice too
  4. The Semi-Tropic
    This place is a dream for people who work from home. Great food, great coffee (don't know what beans they use but their nitro cold brew is intense on a flavor level and the caffeine level), and you can work from your laptop anywhere. They also serve wine and beer so day drinkers in LA now have a good place to feel socially accepted. Parking can be difficult here. The tamales with molé are fantastic
  5. Andante
    Andante is another company that is serious about coffee. I've only been here twice because parking is so hard near Mohawk bend, but they have nice work stations that are good to camp out in when it's impossible to work without air conditioning
  6. Fix
    Fix used to be my favorite place in LA, and it's the closest shop to my house. They usually serve Intelligentsia or Verve, and they have the distinction of being the first third wave coffee shop in Echo Park. But then they put in a monstrous concrete kitchen in the previously pristine courtyard and started charging $12 for avocado toast and I had to jump ship. Still do the best cappuccino, though
  7. Stories
    Stories is my dream coffee shop - it's also a used and new book store. They now serve Bicycle coffee, a local roaster doing decent brews is a sustainable way. The courtyard in back is a great place to work, but I haven't gone as much since getting harangued by our local crazy homeless guy while I was meeting with a client. This place is quintessential "Echo Park" to me
  8. Valerie
    Valerie started as a tea shop but had to start serving coffee to stay afloat. I love their cold brew and gluten free brownies, but for some reason I never think to hang out here. The inside is dark and the staff is usually too cool for school.
  9. Square One at the boathouse
    This isn't so much a coffee shop as it is a lunch counter in the park, but I like getting a giant cup of coffee here. They used to serve Intelligentsia but I think they now do Counter Culture, which is the right thing to do
  10. Cookbook
    This is only so low on the list because it's a grocery store and not a coffee shop, but they serve a cup of French press Sight Glass for $2.50 and I get this all the time. Not only is it the best and cheapest cup of coffee in town, but I think it's even cheaper to do this than to get a bag of Sight Glass beans and do your own French press.
  11. Chango
    Don't go to Chango. Terrible coffee and terrible service. Bad atmosphere. It's the original hipster Echo Park fashion show. Every few years I try coffee from here just to see if it's improved and it hasn't. It's leftover from the second wave coffee generation when people didn't know what good coffee was. Legit ew.