Hope on Nov 9 2016

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. 18-25 year olds overwhelmingly voted for Clinton
    And are the most compassionate generation of Americans yet
  2. This is a call to action
    We all are able to participate more in our democracy. Volunteer, call your Congressmen, attend rallies. Every bill in Congress is available to read and the votes are broadcast on one of several CSPANS. We can make our representatives for us.
  3. We can talk to each other
    Through social media we can interact more than ever. It's time to stop arguing and start listening. Try to understand where the fear is coming from. Move forward together.
  4. Most people are good
    People felt disenfranchised enough to vote for change no matter what package it came in. But Trump supporters are not necessarily bad or wrong. People are good at heart and we all have the same goal to make our country better. We can now see that we have so much to heal and work on that.
  5. Things always need to get worse before they'll get better
    At one point not too long ago, half our country fought to the death to retain the ability to own other humans. We have not yet healed from that schism. But we are better than before and now we have the opportunity to make our voices heard and become better than ever.
  6. Mid terms are only two years away!
    We start fighting now to take back the House and Senate. And if you're a person who rightfully hates the two party system, now is the time to stop complaining and get your ass in gear to change that. Volunteer. Sign petitions. Talk to people. Inform yourself.
  7. This was a wake up call
    Change only happens when we're discontent. We were blessed with 8 years of Obama and forgot how close the Bush elections were. So now we all need to take personal responsibility on what actions we can each take to make our country better
  8. It's always darkest before the dawn
    Racism didn't end with Obama and sexism wouldn't have ended with Clinton. Now we can see how far we need to go and work together to get started. I can't wait.