I'm too traumatized to do anything else today and haven't been able to eat at all, so I figured I would write this out
  1. I was driving down my hill to go to a meeting and had to slow down to not hit some dogs in the road.
  2. A girl was waking three dogs on leashes when a pit bull and another small dog came out of a yard and started attacking her dogs
  3. I crept by, thinking it would be over soon, but realized I needed to help her when she started yelling "ow!"
  4. I got out of my car and started screaming at the house the dogs had come from, asking for someone to come out
    The girl kept yelling "stop biting my dog!"
  5. I didn't want to get bit, but she yelled "oh god they're bleeding!"
    I kept yelling "I don't know what to do!" And she also was screaming "I don't know what to do" the pit bull was hanging onto her dog's neck
  6. I went over and grabbed the pit bull's collar from her
    She was able to get away. I have no idea which direction she even went in. I can't stop thinking about her dogs, or if she was bit
  7. The pit bull was so sweet to me, and bleeding heavily
    I tried walking over to the house again
  8. The pit bull then states chasing a woman at the bus stop
    So I ran down to the street and was holding the dog in place.
  9. I called 911 as this dog was bleeding all over my shoes and jeans
    I just started sobbing, I told them this dog was attacking people
  10. The dog went after another dog who was being walked by two guys
    She got away from me and was trying to bite this other dog. The smaller dog kept running into the street.
  11. The dudes tied up their dog and came to help me
    I was trying to explain what happened but all of this was in a 5-10 minute time span and I was crying so hard.
  12. I was holding the dog on the side street and calling the number on her collar
    It was the number of an animal hospital, they looked up her tag and told me where the dog lived. I was telling them to come get her and they couldn't send anyone.
  13. A woman came by and went to get towels, the two guys wrapped the towels around the dog's head and neck
    She was bleeding profusely from an ear and neck wound. Someone brought water and I was drizzling it onto her tongue from my hand. She kept staring at me so sweetly and I kept asking her why she was attacking everyone. She was so sweet to me.
  14. Another man walked by who knew the owners
    I think he called the wife, the know he jumped their fence to go get the husband
  15. The husband came down with a towel
    I kept telling him to get his car, the men were telling him that his dog was bleeding out
  16. He went to get his car and they lifted the dog in
    Then he was taking to his wife as the dog was streaming blood all over. I told him he had to go
  17. Then everyone just left, I don't know who any of these people are.
    I went to wash my hands and go to my meeting. The guy I was meeting had called at some point and I was trying to tell him what was going on but he couldn't understand me
  18. As I was driving away, the police were driving there
    I waved them down and said I was who called 911. I told them the house number but I don't know if they went there
  19. As I was driving to my meeting, I realized I had blood all over my jeans and shoes
  20. I have been talking to all my neighbors to try to find out who the girl with the three dogs is
    I really hope her dog is ok
  21. It turns out the pit bull was a rescue, her previous owners had criminal charges against them because they abused her so badly
    It breaks my heart. She was so sweet to me and attacking other dogs. She's a dangerous dog but so loving too. I don't know if she's ok.
  22. I called the police to see about filing a report and they told me I can't because I wasn't attacked
    So I don't know what to do. I don't know the victim
  23. All of this breaks my heart
    I can't stop thinking about it. No conclusion here.