June 2017 Books

  1. I love me some Elizabeth Strout.
    Had to put this on pause. It's great but small town drama is too close to what's in my life right now
  2. The Book That Matters Most
    My sister's book club read this book about a book club. I couldn't put it down. I love books about books
  3. I love every Tara French book
    Especially The Likeness. I had to put this away for a while as reading a detective story hits too close to my life right now. I need something escapist and comforting
  4. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
    Another sister book club read. It's a little harsh for me right now but I'm going to go a little furtiher. Edit: got a few chapters in and this book is great!!! Edit 2: finished, this book is awesome!
  5. All Summer Long
    Ok, I have some major problems with this book-mainly the excessive use of the word "slut" to describe other women characters. There's a lot of women on women hating in this book. There's also a lot of child shaming. I can't get over that there's a 30 year old character whose mother is 85. No explanation, just her mother is 55 years older than her child. How did that get by editors??? ...but I actually really enjoyed this story and it was easy to get into that world, so I liked it.
  6. All Summer Long
    Wasn't a fan of the middle-aged mom shaming that went on in the beginning, but I think it ended up ok.
  7. The Other Einstein
    I found this book very readable, relatable and informative!
  8. This. Book. Is. Awesome.